The Team


Ian Cloggie
Installation Manager

Ian has over 25 years of experience within the industry with a background of both installing & surveying.
He has innovative ideas & the ability to bring them into reality, working closely between the design & installation team to ensure that client's needs are met every stage of the way.
His creative flare, unique vision & passion to do things a little differently ensures that we are producing projects which stand out from the rest.
Ian's determination, knowledge & skill set has shaped Christian Andrews Interiors into the brand it is today.


Michelle Cloggie

Michelle has a background in accountancy which was her career choice until becoming the Director of Christian Andrews Interiors.
Her organisational skills are fundamental in ensuring that everything runs as smoothly as possible.
Outside of work she loves spending time with her family, including Husband Ian and her 2 boys.
Michelle also has a small farm of Alpacas and Valais Blacknose Sheep which keep her extremely busy!


Chloe Cochrane
Design Assistant

Chloe would describe herself as a creative being with a love for all things a bit strange.
She loves things that look a bit different & colourful & often finds herself drawn to things that most would describe as unique.
In her spare time she's likely obsessing over her cats & looking for quirky colours to change her hair to.
Chloe has been described as chatty & some would say it is difficult to get her to stop talking!


Megan Varcoe

Megan Studied at Northumbria University of Newcastle, where she gained her BA (Hons) Degree in Interior Design.
She loves creating experiential spaces, thinking out of the box and creating unique designs for her clients.
Her ideal interior would be a mid-century modern-inspired space with lots of texture and colour. She aspires to one day own her own Barcelona chair


Holly Blane

Holly studied at The University of Edinburgh where she gained her BA (Hons) Degree in Interior Design.
She is truly passionate about design & obsesses over the attention to detail, always striving for perfection.
Her friendly & relaxed manner helps clients to feel comfortable & confident within their choices.
Holly’s ideal interior would feature organic shapes, clean lines, raw materials & dark moody tones.

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